Soooo I’m back and working on trying to give you guys videos on travel tips and live footage of places I’m visiting and exploring. I’m new to all of this, so its taking me a little time. Just working on trying to get them done and edited for you because I’ve never done this. Now enough of the boring backstory and explanation. Let’s get to the juice of ME!

Let me share 5 fun facts about me since I will be sharing my travels with you.

FACT #1:

What is my ethnicity? Sometimes people can tell and sometimes people get it wrong so let me just tell ya! I’m first generation Mexican. 100%! Love my roots but also love to explore and see what other roots have to offer. A world so big and so many amazing people. I want to see and meet them all!


I use to love being in front of the camera when I was younger! I don’t know what happened, but trying to change that with this platform and in sharing my travels with you. I use to model and act when I was younger and did a couple of runway shows where I traveled. Not one of my friends knew in Middle School or in High School I just always felt like I was living two lives and kept that creative part of myself from everyone else.


I now get anxiety and freeze up in front of a camera and an audience! YESSS this is very true. I’m trying to fix this and work through my fear to master it all while sharing and doing what I love best to TRAVEL. Plus if I can do it, so can YOU!! Everyone has something that they are passionate about and would love to see more people sharing.


I’m a born and raised California Girl that has never lived anywhere else, but hope to change that someday…but for now I travel as much as I can and as often as I can. I want to see all of the world and impact each place I visit in some way.


I honestly can’t think of any more facts, but if you’re reading this and ever have a question feel free to ask. I will share as much as I can…and maybe even do a Q & A video. Maybe lol!

I really hope that you will enjoy everything I am creating and sharing. I hope to inspire you always just as much as the world keeps inspiring me!

XOXO – CA Hustle

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